21st September 2014

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thanks for the music tumblr. i think i just have bad taste tho

21st September 2014

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bumbleshark said: mazzy star is reeeeally soft and gentle music, and she has a pretty voice. try aimee mann too

ah i have not bee feeling soft & gentle music much lately but thank u (was aimee mann on portlandia? she was wasnt she)

cearbhal said: Mississippi John Hurt’s 1928 Sessions bring me joy when i am not feel good, maybe he will help you too

nobody doesn’t love mississippi john hurt

ludificorpayne said: the mountain goats - no children Aesop Rock - Leisureforce

ohh that song ruins me b/c of moral orel. also aesop rock is 100% great

heartbrokenbyheavymetal said: such great heights by iron and wine is a great and soothing tune; actually a lot of things by them are super calming. I also find that owl city has an array of spaced-out, almost sleepy-sounding songs, if you’re into that. ocean eyes is great.

i like the songs by iron & wine that are sort of menacing, like rooster moans or free until they cut me down. the rest of their stuff doesn’t really grab me tho. also i remember not liking owl city that much but maybe i’ll give them another go

dan-mcneely said: dan deacon: bromst is a gr8 zone out album

bromst is one of my faaaves. a lot of those songs give me that shivery feeling when i get really into it

disasterscenario said: Man Man: Piranhas Club

i love man man

ruintown said: Tame Impala always makes me feel better about everything.

i love tame impala too

tyuran said: K Flay’s We Hate Everyone never fails to make me grin like an idiot though idk if it will be your jam

ha ha that video tho

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21st September 2014

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creepyknees said: i really like joanna newsom’s stuff!! idk i’m just listening to it tonight. the song 81 is nice

thank u im gonna keep this in mind for if i am ever in the mood to listen to something that was probably sung by a tiny adorable mouse

said: yellow ostrich - whale

oo im gonna check these guys out later. i like the percussion but i cant quite get into it right now

this-is-jacks said: jacksrabbit.tumblr.com/… ❤️❤️❤️ also the Andrew Jackson Jihad/Ghost Mice album always helps me when I’m feelin down. I love you!!!

tthank you friend. when i saw ajj live they played dead kids/unicron & i was so pumped cuz i wasnt expecting them to play anything from that split. also ghost mice is great

katamari-of-shit said: have you heard of Death Grips?

ye i like some of their songs. i like birds

overheal said: I really like The Drums when I have to chill out. Now, Now is good for calming down too. Feel better. :(

those bqnds are hard to search for on youtube. have u ever tried to search for the the on youtube. its no good

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21st September 2014

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thx for the recommendations tumblr. here’s a song ive had on repeat. if you listen to it real loud it turns your brain to mush, which is ideal

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21st September 2014

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Where the Wild things are soundtrack by Karen O is always nice

im gonna be real that movie makes me cry. like really hardcore ugly cry. i dont think i could deal with the soundtrack. hha

21st September 2014

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uh. feellin kind of distressed, i cant stop thinking bad things… does anyone have any music recs they want to share w/me? (just general music idk) i could use a distraction. thanks

19th September 2014

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I was supposed to draw a certain situation to a work for college but instead I drew notmusa's characters Donovan and Ian because they are amazing and I'm in love with his/her art 

[edit & new sktch uploaded]

ok maybe i’m a little obsessed with ian but i hope it’s just a phase

!!!!!ooo my goodness they’re amazing in your style i’m gonna yell thank you so much!! aaa! i’m in love

19th September 2014

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mynameiskodak said: Does he stick the landing or does he fall on his face?

gingeredpolarbears said: But how many years will this take off his life.

satsuma-nightmares said: holy shit ian you are amazing


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19th September 2014

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spareanna said: do it ian

pizzachan said: yea ian i wanna see


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19th September 2014

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Anonymous said: ian kind of looks like house but he is not a doctor hes just a hobo


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