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20th October 2014

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i feel real bad tumblr

20th October 2014

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innovate-youth said: then....who ARE you?-?" its not gonna change anything~ shh defiantly probably not, just curious now

some dumb nerd, who cares

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20th October 2014

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thomascomics said: I used to think that you were Ian.

80% of the people following me think that

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20th October 2014

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Anonymous said: Can we commission you to post a selfie :D

one million dollars

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18th October 2014

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beacons of knowledge

beacons of knowledge

15th October 2014

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the worst day of ian’s life

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14th October 2014

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feral sadsack

feral sadsack

14th October 2014

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Anonymous said: What would I have to do to get you to screen-grab your entire music library because you honestly have introduced me to some of my absolute favourite artists and I want so badly to know more.

i dont have access to my music right now but that doesnt matter b/c ive been listening to sexxi batman power mix & enjoy yourself by saint pepsi on repeat for literally days

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14th October 2014

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12th October 2014

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Anonymous said: r u ded

idk i sort of feel dead

Tagged: today i put a pen in the fridge & left a burner on for a few hoursmaybe tomorrow i'll microwave a fork & wander into trafficbrain problemsAnonymous