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5th March 2013

Question with 7 notes

Anonymous said: I don't think I was exaggerating. 18 bucks for a 6" x 10" print, with $10 shipping, so $28. Oh wait, something they only tell you in the checkout, it's actually 4" x 8", the other space is a white border for framing or whatever. So that's $28 for a 4" x 8" drawing of yours. I like you man, and I love your art to death, but holy hell.

lmao wow god. it’s cool you were considering buying anything in the first place, though, ty for that

Tagged: i hate art

  1. tremorsflyingagain said: "OH NO I’M CHEAP I LIKE YOUR ART BUT DON’T WANT YOU TO MAKE ANY MONEY LOL"- what I’m hearing from this person. If they’re cheap as hell that’s their own business, I thought it was a valid price when I picked up a print
  2. olyroo said: a thought: anyone who doesn’t like the price could always get prints made at a kinkos or something and just paypal you five bucks for it…
  3. oraculardream said: Yet, when your purchasing a print you’re not purchasing the paper and some ink. When an artist puts time and love into a piece it’s worth something. 18 dollars isn’t too much for a print. Artists have to live as well.
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